Flexible Recipe and Grocery Shopping Organizer for the iPhone

The Shortest Way from a Recipe to a Delicious Meal!

iShopNCook app - Recipes & Shopping List organizer app for iPhone

recipes from snapshots
Organize your recipes with snapshots.
Organize all your recipes just by taking snapshots of them – in your cookbooks, newspaper clips, food packages, on internet, etc. Shop’NCook recipe wizard will recognize ingredients and quantities and index your recipes automatically. Finally get rid of the recipes cluttering your kitchen!
recipes from snapshots
Never be short of cooking ideas.
Locate the perfect recipe in seconds by searching your collection of recipes by ingredient, cookbook, cooking time, course, rating, etc. You can also browse your recipes by picture to let your eyes pick the best recipe.
And if you don’t have the recipe you are looking for, you can as easily find it on the Internet and add it to the app with a few taps.
recipes from snapshots
Share your best recipes with friends.
iShopNCook lets you share your best recipes with your friends with a tap – by e-mail, on Facebook or on Pinterest. And the best part: your friends can add them to their own copy of iShopNCook with a tap!
recipes from snapshots
Decrease food waste.
iShopNCook lets you make shopping lists from your recipes with just a few taps and computes the exact quantities of products you need, so that you always purchase with a plan. No more guesswork and impulse purchases that end up in waste!
recipes from snapshots
Cooking for one or for a crowd?
iShopNCook scales the recipes for the number of servings you need and ensures you get the exact supplies you need for it – with just a few taps.
recipes from snapshots
Shop for groceries in half the time. (*)
iShopNCook sorts your shopping list along the aisles of the supermarket you are in, to take you through the shops in the shortest time possible. No more going back-and-forth in the shops!
recipes from snapshots
Plan your meals without planning.
Over is the time when meal planning was a time-consuming task for organization wizards. iShopNCook makes it possible to enter a shop without a plan and come out with a meal plan for the week and all the supplies you need for it.
recipes from snapshots
Synchronize with Shop’NCook software. (*)
Do you prefer to work and plan meals at the computer? Or do you need to follow a diet or monitor your recipe costs? The iShopNCook app synchronizes with Shop’NCook software for PC and Mac so you can organize your recipes and shopping list on the computer and take them with you on your iPhone with a tap.
recipes from snapshots
Take the best advantage of bargains with a flexible shopping list.
Did you ever wish to be able to change your grocery list while shopping to take advantage of bargains or adapt it to what you find in the shop? With iShopNCook, you can add or remove recipes and ingredients from your shopping list with a few taps.
recipes from snapshots
Lower your grocery bill. (*)
iShopNCook lets you compare product prices between your supermarkets and consult your purchase history to make sure you get the best bang for your buck. It will also keep track of your coupons and remind you to present them at the register.
recipes from snapshots
No time for grocery shopping?
iShopNCook lets you browse recipes by the number of ingredients you need to purchase, so you can find recipes you can cook with the ingredients on hand or by purchasing just a few more ingredients.
recipes from snapshots
Never be out of supplies. (*)
Add the supplies you need to the grocery list at any time with just a tap, so you won’t forget them the next time you go shopping. iShopNCook is also not just for food products. Its database contains over 2000 grocery items including kitchen and cleaning supplies, personal care items, pet care, etc.
(*) Not included in the free version. Requires an in-app purchase.