Learning About Gold And Red Quinoa

Learning About Gold And Red Quinoa

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There may be over 100 varieties of quinoa, but the most common type of quinoa consumed and sold in stores is gold quinoa. Each variation of quinoa has its own characteristics that make it completely unique from the others.

Gold quinoa

The gold, or cream colored quinoa, is generally the most common variety. Not only can you find it abundantly in the stores, but it also has the most “typical” taste. As it is the most common type of quinoa, the other forms of quinoa are compared using this point of reference. One of the most familiar aspects of the gold quinoa is that it tends to keep its cream color and is a bit fluffier, lighter, and creamier than the other varieties. It has a texture that mixes well with many foods and is easily incorporated into baked goods.

Gold quinoa is used hot in main dishes and side dishes, and cold in salad. Because of its tender, light texture, gold quinoa is a favorite as a breakfast cereal as it easily mixes well with milk for a hot oatmeal substitute. Think about how you often see rice or couscous used in dishes and gold quinoa can be used in much the same way.

Red Quinoa

Red quinoa has a slightly crunchier texture than the gold quinoa and has a bit sharper, or even some would say a bitter taste. There is a nutritional difference between varieties as the red quinoa is found to be higher in protein and calories with three grams more fiber per serving than its golden counterpart. Besides the nutritional differences, there is a big “wow” factor in red quinoa, with the color and the texture.

Not only does the flavor stand out, but the color becomes a feast of the eyes. Pairing red quinoa with fresh fruit and vibrant vegetables is a great way to make your dish stand out from the crowd. Because of the slightly increased bitter taste, red quinoa goes well with foods like butternut squash and avocado. Even some cheeses, especially those with a soft texture, pair well because the snappy red quinoa compliments the rich creamy cheese so well. Because of the texture, red quinoa can often be used as a substitute for ground or finely chopped nuts, such as to top a salad.

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