Fruity Ghosts on a Stick

Fruity Ghosts on a Stick

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It just turns out that pears are just the right shape for making spooky ghost treats! These are an interesting alternative to the traditional candy apples.

Wooden craft sticks - like for a popsicle
6 medium sized pears
10 - 12 squares almond bark - (2 ounce squares)
Handful of mini chocolate chips for ghostly eyes
Halloween cupcake papers


Line a cookie sheet or other flat serving tray with waxed paper, we aren't actually putting in the oven so any moveable flat surface is good for this treat. Line up the cupcake papers across the sheet. Melt almond bark following the package directions. Poke craft sticks firmly into the pears. Dip each pear into the melted bark, you can use a spoon to help evenly coat the entire pear. Place each one in a cupcake paper, standing up as much as you can get it to. Place mini chocolate candies for face decoration. You can use any leftover almond bark to spoon ghost tails into the paper cups. Refrigerate until ready to eat.

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