Testimonials for iShopNCook app

  • I have recommended to many friends!

    Thank you for this excellent, user friendly app. I love iShopNCook. It is so easy to add my own recipes and have them at my finger tips. Even though I have made my shopping list, I can still double check a recipe's ingredients when I am shopping. If I think about making another recipe while I am in the market, I can check it on my phone and not have to make an extra trip. Sharing a recipe is so easy... just click on it and send it by email, print it, or share it on Facebook! I have recommended to many friends.

    Susan, Sharon, MA, USA
  • One of the best apps for making life easier!

    iShopNCook is a highly valuable and easy to use app. It has simplified a lot my shopping. Our family loves it and we use it regularly. One of the best apps in terms of making life easier.

    Thomas Kessler, Bonn, NRW, Germany
  • The best recipe app you will find!

    Ever since I began using iShopNCook, I cannot stress how much easier my meal planning has become. This is the best recipe app you will find.

    Mandy Clark, Syracuse, NY, USA
  • Love having the recipes with me at all times!

    Love the ability to have the recipes with me at all times. I love the ability of it syncing with the desktop / cloud. Makes cooking my "recipes" at friends homes or on vacation very easy. I've used the desktop version for years and have been waiting for the iPhone version for a long time. The iPhone version did not let me down. Great!

    Gus, Miami, Florida, US
  • Sharing recipes becomes the "New Universal Language"!

    iShopNCook allows the user to access recipes from around the world , store them in a smart phone/iphone; and develop grocery shopping lists at an instant. It allows one to more deeply appreciate the culinary arts from around the world and to appreciate different cultures through cooking. Cooking and sharing recipes becomes the "New Universal Language"!

    Enoch J Ledet, Bellingham, Washington, USA

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